Influences: Regional trade & commerce, Inns, Moneychangers
    Only house to exist in all three regions of the former Erim Empire. Secretly provides great financial support to the Erith temples. Subsidized many roads in Consula—set up “toll passes”. 
    Influences: Commerce, Mining
    Claimed commerce “right of the people”. Curril is the “house” of all the people of Consula. Only house that Tanal must answer to in trade matters—plus they control mining.


Edatha (Wisdom)
Sudashi (Guile)

Major Characters:

Magnate (Lord) Noan of House Curril
    Leader of Coramur
Magnate (Lord) Erai of House Curril
    Leader of (now destroyed) Bortan
Lord Mun of House Tanal


The town of Coramur sits along the Saraa (sah-rah) river. It is unwalled. A large mill sits along the riverside. Livestock farming occurs just downstream of the town. The far (upper) edge of town contains a substantial temple located on a vast concrete-walled property. The local official empire buildings are made of concrete and stone. Homes and private businesses are generally wooden. Some affluent families have concrete or wood and concrete homes. The town proper covers roughly 15 square kilometres.


Town hall

This two-level building stands roughly 2.5 kilometres inland from the waterfront. The upper level contains a number of offices, including that of the Magnate (Lord Noan of House Curril). The lower level contains meeting areas and the tax assessor’s office. The property is surrounded by a one metre high wall. The main courtyard is used as a gathering place to address the town. A balcony extends from the second story, which gives potentates a place to address those gathered in the main courtyard. Each corner of the building has a manned turret.

Guard barracks

Behind the town hall (if standing in the main courtyard) lies the single-story guard barracks. While only one level is visible above ground, there is a basement which houses their blacksmith tools and armory. The ground level story contains the eating area, meeting area and sleeping quarters.

Restaurants / Pubs

Being a trade-heavy town, there are three local restaurants: Éti Étienne’s, Wild Game and Boarshead.

Éti Étienne’s is a premiere establishment located near the town hall. It has an iconic red sash draped above the door, a theme which continues in the décor. Gabrielle, Étienne’s oldest daughter, is the hostess. She’s very “girly,” flirtatious and entirely insincere. There is no visible bar, but the waitresses will bring all manner of drinks, they have a wide selection of wines and meads, to the table. They are also well known for their (goat) cheese.

Wild Game is a family establishment with a mediocre selection of ale and a good supply of meats. Boar, bison, bear, horse, goat, rabbit and squirrels find their way on the menu. Stews and smoked meats—especially jerky—are their specialties. Martin, a nice fellow built like a lumberjack, is the host. The bartender, Vincent, is defensive and has a hare lip.

Boarshead is a dive restaurant with adequate food. It caters to travelers looking for value over quality. However, it has a rather impressive bar. It has an equally impressive host, Thibaut (thee-bow), who doubles as a bouncer and refers to himself in the third person. Food consists of relatively fresh bread, soup, stew and seasonal vegetables.


Since there are more transients than short-term visitors, there are only two inns: The Weary Traveler and Lock and Key.

The Weary Traveler is a moderately well-appointed inn. The rooms are cleaned regularly and they have a small restaurant—plus room service. Their logo is a gnarled walking stick.

Lock and Key is an upper-lower class establishment. However, they have a few “elite” rooms which have high-quality locks and even dual door cross-beams. These rooms have small windows—too small for a human to fit through—with shutters on the inside.


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