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Story So Far

Coramur, a moderate-sized town at the base of a large mountain valley, is overwhelmed with an influx of people. Bortan, a mining village at higher elevation than Coramur, was devastated by an earthquake. Hundreds of lives were lost. Roughly 150 survivors fled and are now staying in a refugee camp around Coramur.

The earthquake revealed an Ancestor city only a few miles south of Bortan. Few are aware of this. A psatti scout, Arture (art-you-er), was sent to investigate the carnage and reported the finding to Coramur’s ruler, Magnate Noan.


Take care of Bortan refugees
    Homes are filled to overflow, businesses are using unused space for storing people 
        PCs might be asked to help a family find a missing child
Rebuild Bortan
Explore lost city
Learn about "magic items"
Camp exists outside town walls 
    PCs might be asked to help build/maintain some of this camp... or make more durable housing 
Food is scarce 
    PCs might be asked to hunt - a few bison were spotted - if PCs approach, they are noticed by a brown bear

City Details

Bortan Houses:





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